Friday, 7 August 2015

Latest Updates on the Smart Bulb

Smart bulb is the latest trend in the home and commercial lighting industry. These are advanced LED lights that can offer perfect illumination to any area. Therefore, it does not matter whether you want to use these models in your home or office, you can enjoy some great benefits. These models are designed to consume less energy when compared to the traditional models. According to the experts, these lights consume seventy percent less energy than the normal bulbs. This is undoubtedly a great saving you can make on the monthly energy bills. On the other hand, they also come with the colour changing feature. These models produce more than sixteen million colour combinations. Yes, you heard it right! This will help you to choose any type of colour that suits the overall ambiance of the room. Setting up the right mood can also be easy using these lights.

Great Efficiency and Effectiveness:

Great efficiency and effectiveness are other features that you can enjoy when using these models. These lights are capable of producing more lights per watt when compared to other options. If you are choosing solar powered lights, you can save even more energy. Therefore, using these smart bulbs will also help you to take a step closer to eco friendliness. When you are looking for these smart lights, you have an option to choose from the normal bulb or strip lights based on your needs and demands. Installing these lights is also quite simple and hassle free.

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